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Strategic Plans that save $10,000’s

Throw away any negative experiences you’ve had and start thinking strategic planning. Done well it will increase your success by at least 10% .

NineDots are “opportunity hunters” that specialise in finding new ways for you to succeed..

 The traditional way capturing:  The NineDots way:
  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How are we going to get there?
  • Review Goals and Objectives
  • Qualify relationships
  • Define business needs
  • Define user needs
  • Define current state and costs
  • Research Global trends
  • Opportunity qualification
  • Mini-business cases
  • Prioritised Roadmap

The bottom-line is a strategic plan must provide a prioritised roadmap of the “how” by defining opportunities for improvement.

Is it time for your business to take a positive step towards a more successful future? Developing a strategy is a careful process; iteratively working through a number of steps before settling on strategies that work and provide sound direction.

Its the NineDots approach, thinking outside the box.

Savings, Sales and Success Roadmap

What does a strategy deliver? It analyses your business in multiple ways – backwards, forwards, from the left, from the right, bottom-up, top-down and inside-out. It delivers a comprehensive plan that will focus your efforts by defining opportunities as a road-map for success and eliminating uncertainty by including:

  • Quick-wins low/no cost opportunities
  • Mini-business cases for each larger opportunity
  • Dependencies
  • Resourcing requirements

Contact Us and take the uncertainty out of your future – lets discuss strategy

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