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Save Thousands and Increase Success

It doesn’t matter where you are in the opportunity life cycle- an independent audit or review will improve the outcome. Our business is about helping our Clients get it right first-time. We’ve been doing this for decades. This experience will bring not just a wealth of knowledge to your project but also the understanding of how to increase the success of the project.

90% of Opportunities fail in some way

Sounds cynical – it’s not. Let’s look at success criteria:

  • Business cases that delivers every benefit – financial and operational.
  • Designs that do not compromise current operations or generate unforeseen tasks.
  • Benefits clearly defined and measureable results validated.
  • Project timeline and resourcing delivered on-time and on-budget.

It’s about Maximising OUTCOMES

The path to achieving the desired result may appear simple but investing in an independent audit or review can only strengthen the project.

Identifying opportunities – Strategy and planning

A sound strategy is will give any business focus and direction. Audit/reviews typically find:

  • Additional opportunities.
  • Additional benefits.
  • Additional risks/dependencies.

Qualifying Opportunities – Business cases and Design

The business case and the design for any opportunity (or project) is where the outcomes are defined. Audit/reviews typically find:

  • Improved outcomes/result.
  • More tangible benefits.
  • Increased intangible benefits.
  • Ways to measure and track the benefits.
  • Simpler paths.
  • Lower opportunity cost.
  • Additional ways to mitigate risks.
  • Ways to accelerate the timeline.

Realising Opportunities – Programme and Project Management

With the project underway (or about to start), it’s prudent to take a step back and challenge everything. Audit/reviews at this time typically discover ways to:

  • Confirm roles and responsibilities.
  • Assist with the development of a Project Review Board.
  • Reduce the timeline.
  • Introduce new tasks consistent with the outcomes definition.
  • Confirm/design the project toll-gates and the project review.
  • Validate estimates of work effort for project.

Audit and Review will Increase Confidence

Again let’s get the outcomes everyone’s seeking. Audit and Review are about increasing the likelihood of success in for any opportunity, project or initiative. If you want success contact us to discuss how we can help.


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