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Have we mentioned “Thinking Outside the Box”? We apply this concept to everything we do.

Thinking strategically is about taking great care to define where you are today, getting a very clear concept of what utopia looks like (customised to your environment and what’s possible) and then qualifying and quantifying the future opportunities and the path to achieving your organisations path to your utopia.

The following pages give you some insight into the way we tackle the “strategic challenges” faced by every organisation.

Strategy - Identifying Opportunities

Strategic Plans that save $10,000’s

Throw away any negative experiences you’ve had and start thinking strategic planning. Done well it will increase your success by at least 10% .

NineDots are “opportunity hunters” that specialise in...

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Qualifying Opportunities - Business cases

Maximise Business Success

Every business should have the same focus, converting the  opportunities / projects that deliver the most value. We call it opportunity prioritisation. A strategy delivers a prioritised list...

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Opportunity Audit and Review

Save Thousands and Increase Success

It doesn’t matter where you are in the opportunity life cycle- an independent audit or review will improve the outcome. Our business is about helping our Clients get...

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Governance don't Underrate its Importance

Without Governance it’s like learning to fly without an Instructor

Often neglected, effective Governance is the foundation for ensuring that:

  • everything has a purpose
  • the assets are in place
  • ownership is understood
  • success measurement is possible

Governance is about creating...

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Realising Opportunities - Projects

Project Delivery with Confidence

You’ve put in the hard work, identifying the strategy and writing the business case, so making it happen should be the easy part.

There’s good news; it can be! There’s also bad news;...

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