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Digital technology has become essential to modern businesses, underpinning key functions such as digital workflow, processing, supply chain, marketing and customer interaction.  While modern digital technology offers greatly improved business efficiency and enhanced customer service, the flip side of the coin is risk to your business if sufficient security measures are not put in place.

NineDot’s security practice offers advice that will help you to understand the state of your security measures, the level of security-related risk that exists, whether there is need to address security shortfalls or gaps, and how to go about it.

We offer practical, pragmatic security advice to keep your business and customers safe, based on the accumulated experience of accomplished security professionals who have held Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), IT Security manager (ITSM) and other senior advisory roles and associated responsibilities across a wide range of businesses and been directly in the line of fire for enterprise security.

The scope of our security services is outlined below.

Information Security Governance

Establish and maintain a governance structure that ensures the successful leadership and oversight of protective security risk.

  • Information Security Governance and Strategy

Do you need guidance to define your security strategy?
Do you need support to define your information security programmes?
Do you need to define your security policy, standards, procedures and guidelines?
Do you feel that you are spending too much on security without seeing the real benefits?

  • Virtual CISO

Could you benefit from someone who knows you well and can help you in the long run?
Do you need a trusted advisor who can help you make the right decisions quickly?
Do you require on demand, high calibre security advice but don’t need someone full time?
Do you require someone experienced who can bridge the gap between executives and technical staff?

Information Security Assessments and Review

Understand the current profile, assess the security posture, review the gaps and opportunities for improvement.

  • Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessments

What are the current threats putting your people, information, and assets at risk?
What vulnerabilities in your people, processes and technology could be exploited?
What are your key risk areas?

  • Security and Privacy Audits

How are you performing against your own or other recognised standards?
Are you meeting your legal or contractual obligations?
Are you required to certify and accredit your applications and systems but don’t know how?

  • Security Program Assessments

Is your organizational security function is appropriately staffed, resourced, and designed?
Are you spending time and money on the right priorities and for good risk-reduction benefits?

Information Security Improvement

Define and implement security improvement programs, train, and mentor staff.

  • Security Maturity

How would you rate the security maturity of your organisation?
Where do you want to be regarding security maturity? How will you get there?
What is your appetite for security risk, counter measures and spending on security?
Do you understand what is needed to align with NZ government security standards?
Do you deal with anyone overseas or hold data on them and, if so, do you know what is required of you regarding security and privacy?

  • Security Policies and Framework Development

Do you slip into a risk averse approach to security that can get in the way of doing business?
Are your information security and privacy policies, standards fit for purpose?
Do they cover all your legal or contractual obligations?
Does your risk assessment framework allow you to make efficient decisions?
Are you confused about the vast number of security standards and don’t know which is best for you?

  • Security Solutions

Do you need help and expertise to improve your current security tooling?
Are you missing skills in a certain area to make the right decisions faster?
Do your systems meet the NZISM requirements, or do they need to go through a Certification and Accreditation (C&A)?

  • Security Remediation Programs

Do you have a long list of security issues you need to solve but don’t know where to start?
Do you need help to put together a pragmatic and risk-based approach to improve your security posture?

  • Training and Awareness Programs

Does your whole organisation act as the security team or are people your weakest link?
Do you need to upskill your senior leadership, managers or engineers?
Do you need to raise general awareness around security and privacy?

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