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[dropcap]P[/dropcap]roject initiation is one of the most underestimated elements of successful project delivery.

Projects can easily be set up for failure by not initiating in a sound manner.

A small sample of issues that we have encountered includes:

  • Project started up and run by a non-project manager (then handed over to a project manager)
  • Project’s started up without approved funding (with a promise that funding will be sorted out later)
  • Wildly inaccurate estimates of work effort for project initiation (project manager unable to meet time commitments)
  • Projects started up without any context or alignment to business outcomes
  • Project established without sponsor and/or clear of line of authority

If we’ve helped you develop your strategic plan we are able to provide continuity through to project initiation and:

  • Provide advice on project initiation timing and process
  • Provide a project manager / project team briefing to provide strategic context and alignment
  • Assist the project manager / project team to translate the business case into a project plan
  • Assist with stakeholder identification, engagement and briefings
  • Assist with vendor engagement and/or sourcing strategies for the project (we have a really sound knowledge of vendors and vendor capabilities in the New Zealand marketplace)

If Nine Dots has not helped develop your strategic plan, we can review existing projects for you, re-visit your project initiation approach, and if beneficial can help you refine your approach to project initiation.

Alternatively, if you have already initiated a project but it is showing signs of failure or developing governance, control or delivery issues, we can help you consider a re-start to get it re-formed on a more solid basis.

Call us to discuss your situation.

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