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Connectivity has gone beyond sitting down with a Supplier to determine how to create a ubiquitous environment for all staff.

Today, new factors and new requirements dictates that every organisation must take care to:

  • Overlay the right security types to prevent intrusion and theft.
  • Accommodates private data centres, hybrid approaches, including; public cloud, private cloud and SaaS environments in a non-restrictive ways.
  • Supports staff working securely in the office, a remote office and remotely as required.
  • Minimises latency by leveraging the right geographic and technology architectures.
  • Leverages the right mix of technologies; MPLS, SD-WAN, Mobile, Satellite and Internet to maximise productivity.
  • Leverage current ICT environment to achieve the best all round solution to meet staff requirements.
  • Maximise speed and minimise investment to achieve the optimal WAN approach.
Connectivity Strategy

NineDots’ approach takes the time understand every organisations’ connectivity needs:

  • Strategic direction
    This understanding helps qualify the business scope and structure
  • Current ICT Environment
    To get the right outcome, it is imperative that we know the current connectivity approach/es
  • SaaS, Public Cloud, Private Cloud usage
    Secure connectivity is important for all environments – not just internal
  • Internet
    How is internet traffic protected and is the internet a viable connectivity pathway?
  • Mobility
    Mobile channels are now providing secure resilience to Corporate networks world-wide – could this work?
  • Remote Working
    Covid-19 has made remote working part of all organisation’s requirement, let’s take a smart approach and minimise the use of additional software to facilitate a ubiquitous world
  • Cost combinations and permutations
    Our Clients have experienced savings between 20% and 45%, not by buying cheap but right sourcing the right combination of services
  • Staff engagement and operational effectiveness

Let us help you to design a connectivity architecture that enhances the business outcomes whilst providing a management environment that is both secure and suitable for all operating approaches for you organisation today and into the future.

With our last Client savings of 18% pa were achieved while also dramatically improving performance. It’s highly likely that similar (or better) is achievable in your organisation.

What would a significant improvement in overall performance mean to your Business?

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