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Customer Service – Art or Science?

Great Customer Service is a science. It’s about developing systematic approaches to exceeding the Customers expectations in a way that acknowledges them as individuals and fulfils their needs.

Great Customer Service is delivered by individuals or systems that:

  • Quickly identify the customer’s need.
  • Service that need.
  • Question their view of the outcome.
  • Thank them and end the transaction.

Today, businesses use a number of communication channels to deliver Customer Service.

  • Face-to-Face (or in-store) – the sales or “Billy Connelly” channel; suggesting a real-time need
  • Phone – the real-time channel and most preferred for Baby Boomers
  • Web – the channel most used by browsers and needs to be geared to be responsive – the preferred channel for Gen-X and Gen-Y
  • Email – the not so important channel, often used to document specific needs, with the customer’s expectation of a response later today or tomorrow

It doesn’t matter which industry your business operates in, there is a systematic approach that can be used to improve customer customer service. Contact us and let’s talk about your needs.

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