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The Easy Path to Increased Success

Customer Experience Management is the practice of continuously closing the gap between a company’s customer promise and the delivered customer experience.

Regardless of industry, geography, or product, businesses face competition. Consumers (and other businesses) have seemingly endless choices, products are commoditised, and as a result, your business has to find new ways to differentiate themselves. The path to differentiation is often found by delivering exceptional experiences to create advocates and provide sustainable growth opportunities.

Customer experiences are created every time a customer interacts with your business whether browsing in a store, over the phone, or interacting online. Customer will talk about those experiences, whether they were great or poor. Your objective is to create Advocates; customers who recommend businesses based on great experiences.

Don’t be one of the businesses who focuses on only one of their customer channels. Great work in one channel is very quickly undone if your customer chooses to use one of your other channels.

A review of your Customer Experience requires:

  • Objectivity – there’s a real need to eliminate emotion.
  • Customer Service review experience – what’s worked elsewhere and what hasn’t.
  • A multi-channel view – work out how to improve all channels collaboratively.
  • A Customer profile – take the time to define the ideal customer; don’t attempt to satisfy customers who don’t fit your profile.

For your business or organisation, it’s about identifying a path forward, including:

  • what you’re doing well – these are strengths that can be leveraged and used across all channels.
  • the opportunities for improvement – a list of defined initiatives and the benefits of progressing.
  • a prioritised opportunities roadmap – based on expected ROI.

Need help to create or tune your Customer Experience – Prioritised Opportunities Roadmap, contact us. If you have any doubts, just remember your competitors are already improving their Customer’s experiences.

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