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Get expert services from highly qualified cloud consultants and align your cloud migration programme with best practices.

Cloud Strategic Plan:

We’ll help you develop a business-driven cloud strategic plan that will reduce the time for your organisation to start realising customer-centric cloud benefits. When complete you’ll have a structured, time-bound plan with an application, system and service migration sequence with supporting business case.  We’ll facilitate a joined-up business and ICT effort and leave you with a framework to maintain and fine tune your strategy moving forward.

Cloud Architecture Review:

A NineDots Cloud Architecture Review will give you independent analysis and recommendations on your cloud architecture and help you to optimise for performance, scalability, security and usability.  During the assessment, we will sit with your team and review your existing architecture, network connections, data accessing gateways, resources, workloads, report subscriptions, accounts, billing, approach to security, publishing CI/CD and other cloud design factors to identify opportunities for refinement and fine tuning.

Cloud Migration Assessment:

A NineDots Cloud Migration assessment will examine workload or application migration plans to ensure migration objectives are sound, migration risks are identified and managed, any gaps in the services migration plans are identified and remediated, the right workloads are migrated to the right cloud product for optimal performance and cost and application lifecycle, security and customer data requirements assessments meet requirements.

Cloud Onboarding and Transition:

We’ll help you develop (or fine tune) a detailed Cloud Onboarding and Transition plan providing a migration framework and sequence with detailed plans that reflect your specific requirements and circumstances. The Onboarding and Transition Plan will provide a blueprint you can follow with the precise steps that will be performed for each workload or application migration step.  It will thoroughly lay out how the application and its data will be transferred to the cloud, how the migration project should be delivered with “solution stories” mapped to address the outcome for each workload or application, and will include contingency plans for potential problems in the delivery. 

Cloud Health Check / IQA:

A NineDots Cloud Health Check/IQA offers an in-depth independent review of your cloud environment to ensure that the solution is optimised to meet your current and evolving business requirements.  It will identify any security and performance issues, determine root causes and recommend remedial actions. By the end of the Health Check you will have a detailed diagnosis of any identified process and system pain points prioritised by your stakeholders with recommendations and a plan to address any critical issues

Cloud Security Review and Assessment:

A NineDots Cloud Security Review and Assessment will conduct a “Secure by Design” assessment, enabling you to build robust security into your cloud design and/or remediate existing vulnerabilities.  We can help you to design your cloud implementation to meet accepted New Zealand security and PCI standards requirements.  We will run a Cloud Assessment against CSA STAR questionnaires to allow self-assessment reports that document compliance to CSA-published best practices. The questionnaire (CAIQ) provides a set of over 295 questions a cloud consumer and cloud auditor may wish to ask of a cloud provider.

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