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[dropcap]B[/dropcap]usiness Cases are an extremely powerful way of defining the benefits of undertaking an opportunity. It’s a strategic process and the author must pull together:

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  • a project definition that highlights: strategic alignment, competitive advantage and organisational impact
  • the project scope
  • a comprehensive definition of the benefits the opportunity will deliver
  • the financial costs and benefits of implementation and typically an IRR
  • a project strategy to ensure successful implementation
  • the risks associated with the implementation and how they will be managed / mitigated
  • an impact assessment considering staff, processes, technology and customers

It’s a sad but true fact that a large number of opportunities are not progressed and/or completed understood because the business case did not paint a complete picture of the above elements. It’s not an overly complex process however the importance of producing a clear concise document that tells the complete story often is the difference between an opportunity or project being initiated or not.

Take a moment to consider the value of getting NineDots involved  – a sound business case that leaves the reader in no doubt that the opportunity should be pursued may be the differentiator between go and no go!

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