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NineDots is a Wellington based consultancy firm providing strategic technology and customer service oriented advice to large corporates.

Our name evolved from our core philosophy of “Thinking Outside the Box”.  We help organisations answer questions such as “Should we?”, “What’s next?” or “How do we?”  With the right answers your organisation will be better positioned to make smarter investment and change decisions.

Formed by Craig Blake and Paul Butterworth, both with more than 30 years in information technology, telecommunications, outsourcing and contact centre industries, and with a track record of delivering successful outcomes to their clients, NineDots fills a niche in a volatile space characterised by dynamic and rapid change.

It’s about finding ways to:

  • Work smarter (making staff more effective)
  • ­Improve your customer reach and interaction
  • Optimising staff productivity
  • Accelerate initiatives for better business outcomes
  • ­Reduce costs

In a business world increasingly dependent on high speed networks, the Internet, digital media, and social networking, and with a seemingly insatiable demand for new and additional technology, as strategic advisers NineDots help executive personnel to make informed and considered decisions on capital investments and projects based on business benefits and outcomes.

Combining their strong business outcome focus with in-depth industry and technology insight, Nine Dots can bring a fresh new perspective to your organisation, helping you to determine where best to spend your capital and where best to apply your precious human resources for maximum benefit and return on investment.

If you’re interested in getting the best possible business outcomes for your organisation, contact us.

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