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Solution Providers Failing

We’ve completed a number of assignments recently that started strategically. The resulting tactical road-map requires the procurement of services using both direct discussions with Solution Providers and Request for Proposals.

These assignments are often looking for SaaS, TaaS, CCaaS and others.

Confusing is often the result.

WAKE UP, Solution Providers!

Our Clients want a solution that meets their needs. Instead they get a proposal that talks about:

  • Products
  • Services
  • How great they are
  • Cost

It’s time for Solution Providers to re-think the way they offer their services. Take some time to review the customers needs and what how you’ll add value to their business.

The KISS Principle does work

Working for a Solution Provider, we submitted a compliant RFP response totaling 499 pages (1 pages was left after putting in a ream of paper). We also submitted a compliant response totaling 29 pages for a US$10m contract. The 29 nine page proposal was successful. How was it different?

  1. It focused on the Client – WIIFM
  2. It offered a service
  3. It demonstrated value to the Client
  4. It highlighted a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement
  5. It recognized and qualified the implications of change
  6. It discussed “certainty” and “risk elimination”

We recommendation Solution Providers take the step back and change their focus or contact us to discuss how we can refocus you sales team and increase your success by introducing strategic selling into their approach.

Strategic Selling works:

  • reduced cost of sale
  • increased success
  • better relationship with your clients
  • the opportunity to quickly up-sell and cross-sell to expand the scope of your relationship
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