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We Innovate: Identify, Qualify and Realise Improvement Opportunities

Business Architects
We help businesses drive outcomes consistent with their need to accelerate productivity and

Opportunity Identification
Having seen hundreds of different ways to get things, means we can help identify how to convert your challenges into strengths

Customer Experience
We’ve reduced operational performance by as much as 31% for our Clients (both large and small) with a lean eye on outcomes.

Business Cases
Real, Measurable and with strong ROI – our specialty is to define the results of proposed initiatives

Programme Directors
Take the guesswork out of a Programme of Work, NineDots made things happen and help recovery

Digital Transformation
Let us help you identify how Digital Transformation will help your entire organisation

We employ Experts – our Clients know they’re in good hands
and Results come quickly

Contact our Practice Leads to discuss how we can Help

Roadmaps Simple and Effective

We’re helping create Roadmaps for our Clients giving them insight and understanding on how to progress from today towards and into tomorrow.

We’re helping to improve business processes, map out the ICT Cloud Journey, optimise knowledge usage and in many other ways. For our Clients it’s the outcome that makes tomorrow (and every day after that) simpler ….

Optimising Customer Contact

From day one, we’ve been helping organisations implement smart ways to interact with their Customers, Stakeholders and Clients.

Today there are new ways of achieving improved customer interaction outcomes. One of our Clients has achieved a massive increase in self service freeing up their contact centre agents to address higher value customer interactions and lifting customer experience outcomes…

Leveraging Digital Transformation

Ask 10 people what Digital Transformation means and you’ll get 10 different answers ranging from simple to very complex.

The bottom line is all 10 people are correct but the answer needs to be the combination of all 10 answers. We’re taking our Clients on a painless transformational journey that starts simply and quickly builds up a head of steam ….

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